Gav's Datsun 1000 Coupe with a G13B Turbo


Before AB Car Care, Josh and Gavin spent most of their time and a small fortune on their Datsun's. This one in particular is owned by Gavin and was bought around 8 years ago against the advice from Josh. As you can see in the photo's, there was not much to start with. 

This is more of a backyard build that took place at home. We have plans to improve some of the work that was previously done as we have come a long way over the last 10 years and we would like to add some AB Car Care polish. It has a G13B engine from a Suzuki GTi swift fitted, running a Garrett GT25 turbo and haltech sport 1000. It has a gearbox from a Suzuki Sierra, a complete diff from a Datsun 1200 ute and custom 2 piece tail shaft. It is fully engineered and registered and is a tough little machine to drive. Most of the fabrication was done by Josh. Although this car is not quite finished, both Gavin and Josh are very proud of this car and has won 3 trophies over the last two years at Datsun Day car show, Prospect.